Take a few thousand engineering students from some of the world’s top universities, throw in a hundred or so bespoke racing cars at the Silverstone Grand Prix circuit, sprinkle some F1 professional expertise, top up with adrenaline and you have the unique cocktail that is Formula Student!

Grand Prix Academy is a factual series chronicling a year in the life of the Formula Student Racing Teams as they devote every waking moment to the relentless pursuit of a championship dream. With no limitations to the design and shape, conceiving, building and financing a race car from scratch pushes the students to the extreme to deliver their best.




IMeche (Institute of Mechanical Engineers)

What We Did

Production Services  |  Crew & Kit Hire |  Filming  |  Editing  |  Photography |  Research & Development   |  Scripting

Why do we do it?

Because it’s fun!

It’s the Formula Students Silverstone Finals again and to see the cars kick into life is an awesome sight and a deafening sound. It is the sort of deep rumbling feeling in your stomach that only fantastically powerful engines can invoke!

As aggressive as Formula 1, as testing as Dragons Den and as demanding as the Apprentice; Formula Student is the biggest educational motorsport event in the world. It is an international competition, run by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers and held every summer on the Silverstone home straight.

We show Britain’s brightest engineering talent being put through their paces as they battle the tough real-life challenges in a run-up to the Formula Student Silverstone finals.  At stake is the glory of the win and a dream job in F1.

Each has battled a different set of challenges to get here. Each has made great sacrifices, endured gruelling stress, tasted success and dared to dream about how this adventure might end.

The students must design, build and finally race a single seat open-cockpit racing car that is tough enough to withstand the harshest endurance tests and have a robust design and business plan to back it up.  ALL IN THE SPACE OF ONE YEAR!

IMPROVE! IMPROVE! IMPROVE! – It’s the teams’ mantra… The boys are hungry to win and their dedication is awesome.  HOOKED!

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Can’t face loosing, this competition is in my blood!

Will, Bath Racing

This is such a unique opportunity to create your vision – from paper to racetrack! Bloody shame if we couldn’t make this car really amazing!

Olly, Brunel RacingConductor

We’ve done it! NOW we can breathe. It was MEGA experience and phenomenal fun!

Russ, HU Racing

Great level of technology in those little cars – it’s really mind blowing!

James Allison, Lotus F1