This video produced for the European Congress on Epileptology in London, showcases the highlights of the programme.

From ground-breaking neurosurgical interventions to cutting-edge research in the field of epilepsy, presentations were made by leaders in the field, and lectures were presented by world-renowned scientists on topics at the interfaces of epilepsy.

Produced and Directed by Beata Romanowski
Editor: Beata Romanowski


Opening Ceremony Video


International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE)

What We Did

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The future of the treatment

of epilepsy.

Epilepsy is a disorder that is still little understood and often discriminated against.

We met the leading experts in the field and film the ground-breaking neurosurgery procedures with Mr Andrew McEvoy, a world-leading Consultant Neurosurgeon at The National Hospital for Neurology (NHNN) and Neurosurgery and Institute of Neurology (ION) in London.

Andrew McEvoy explained how the introduction of deep brain stimulation and viral vectors for gene therapy has transformed the management of epilepsy. We were at Queens Square Hospital, the first unit in the UK to have Brain Lab theatre suite and intraoperative MRI installed. The patient was scanned several times during the surgery.

The interventional MRI allows documentation of lesion resection prior to the termination of any surgical procedure and also allows the surgical navigation software to be recalibrated during the operation, making the procedure more accurate.

The video was a great success and we’ve received fantastic feedback from the congress delegates about it. Congratulations again!

Soazig Daniel10th ECE Secretariat