Of the 130 million babies born in the world every year, more than one million will have Congenital Heart Disease (CHD). Without corrective surgery 50% will die before reaching the age of three.  Only a small minority of these children will have access to treatment. For others the surgical “lottery” offered by charity medical missions, including several from the UK, is the only hope.

The documentary follows a colourful collection of individuals who have taken matters into their own hands – professionals and lay people of the charity surgical missions, who bypass normal channels to bring cutting edge medical care directly to the sick in poor countries.

Entirely voluntary and supported by charity donations the Surgical Heart Missions represent once in a lifetime chance for the families to get help. The impact on the life of the patients is immeasurable because to be on the operating list is to gain life.


Medical Documentary filmed in Port of Spain, Trinidad


Caribbean Heart Care MedCorp

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A shocking reality of 21st century medicine where drive for profits erodes the ethos of the Hippocratic Oath.  Aggressive and irresponsible recruitment in the rich countries who don’t train enough doctors and nurses and who woo them out of the poorest countries devastates already fragile healthcare systems leading to significant loss of life.